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Starter/relay/computer/ignition Help!


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Hello again folks,

I have intermittent starting. I can turn the key, nothing...no clicks, turns, or anything, just nothing. Then, I can giggle and wiggle, come back 20 minutes later and it starts right up.

I just replaced the battery and terminals. Same issue, so that didnt fix anything.

I put a test light on the postive wire going to the starter. It has constant juice. So, I am guessing the starter relay is bad, or the ignition is bad.

I need some help here, becuase when I get done with work today, I might be able to go home, or I might have to wait around until it decides to start.

1. Do any of you have this problem and have fixed it?

2. Do any of you have a starter wiring diagram?

This is a huge pain, and very embarrasing.

Any help is appreciated!


Dallas M.

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try tapping the starter with a hammer

it it starts right after then you need to chaneg the contacts or the solenoid to the starter

besides don't feel bad my friend has a testerossa and all of those owners walk with a hammer for the same problem

so you are in with the big boys no need to be embaressed

paint it red and black so it is ferrai colours


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I'll give that a try, however if that doesnt fix it, could the ignition be flakey? Or what about a relay somewhere? It sounds like a worn connection somewhere, which would lend to the intermittent nature of its starting. One second starts, the next it wont....wierd.

Curious if it could be anything else up the line somewhere....

Any wiring diagrams for this available?

Thanks for the feedback,


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ok, i had the exact same problem and guess what happened!! i turned my car on this afternoon and the starter would not stop turning. it stayed on whether the car was on or off. it just didnt stop. i couldnt get the battery loosened up in time and my starter just burned out completely. smoke and everything!! i took it to a mechanic immediately to see if any other damage had been done. he said that most likely it was just the starter and my car needed a new battery. he said that a weak battery can tinker with a starter and make it do exactly what maddox's problem does. anywayz, he said i would have needed a new starter anyway since it was acting up and a new battery. i'd normally do this work myself but i need the car fixed asap so i just told him to fix it while i'm at work. anywayz, i hope this helps some of yall. fix it cuz trust me, its not a pretty sight havin ur starter burn up on ya!! good luck.

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yeah the noise was so krazy i actually thought sumthing inside the engine was messing up. i was scared like a mutha!! it was fixed though. the starter was pretty expensive i must say, much more than i've ever paid for one on a nonluxury car. i went ahead and got a new battery while i was at it.

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i guess you didn't have the hammer i mentioned lying around at the time or else you could have wacked it and it would have stoppped

when the starter stay on like yours it is usually because the solenoid sping has become weak or there has been some arcing from a low voltage situation causing the contacts in the solenoid to not relaese and the motor keeps spinning but the release spring pushes the gear back off the flywheel

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