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92 Es 300

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I just bought a 92 ES 300 with 120K Miles, and its in great shape. The head gasket was just done.

All service was done by Lexus, and the timing belt was done at 85K Miles.

The rotors pulsate. Are they pricey to replace on these cars? Also, The antena was stuck (up). I tried to get it to work properly, but I think I broke it now.

The motor works (you can hear it when you turn the radio on/off). I suspect I have to replace the mast and perhaps a plastic gear inside. Whats the procedure to do this repair? Approx how much is the antena?

Thanks in advance for any info.

PS-Is there anything else I should be thinking about with a car with my mileage? It was a one owner/executive driven...etc etc.


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rotors are nothing out of the ordinairy, and are easy to replace if you are confident in doing that sort of thing. took me a couple hours to replace the rears. you might want to grab a sledge...i had to whack at em to get em off.

they pulse because at least one of them is warped. they can be resurfaced, but i would just get new ones especially if they are original.

antenna masts come up on ebay from time to time, you could check there

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The antenna mast is easily changed if you can get it out of the car in the up position. Unscrew the nut on the outside of the fender, the mounting bolts inside the fender well, disconnect the wiring harness at the motor, and disconnect the drain tube from the bottom of the motor. You may have room in the fender well to wiggle the motor and mast assembly out of the trunk. If not, you'll have to cut the mast assembly to remove everything. Before buying a Lexus antenna, check with a Toyota dealer for the mast. Take your old one in and compare it with their Camry mast assemblies. Compare the diameter of the bottom mast tube (must be the same and usually is), the length of the mast (should be close to the same length for proper reception distance), and the size of the ball on the top mast section. If its not the same size you can unscrew it, unscrew the ball from your old antenna, and change them over to ensure a proper water seal when the antenna is fully retracted. On the motor assembly is a tube that the entire mast assembly collapses into. At its top will be a screw to remove the retainer for holding the bottom section of the mast assembly when its fully extended. After you've removed all parts of the old mast, feed the whip of the new mast assembly into the tube, making sure that the toothed side of the whip points towards the centre of the motor body. You may be able to fully assemble the unit by pushing it in. More likely you will have to place everything on the trunk floor, turn on the radio, hook up the wiring harness, feed the whip into the tube opening, while someone turns off the radio. As the motor runs push the mast down until all sections are inside the motor tube. Attach your retainer screw to keep everything from coming apart, and turn the radio on and off several times to properly seat the mast. When you have it working properly, reinstall the unit inside thefender. By the way, most Japanese manufacturers use the same parts suppliers. That's why my 90 300ZX has a mid 70's Camry antenna mast in it. Reason?..Local Toyota dealer...distant Nissan dealer. Good luck!

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