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98 Es300 Chipped Black Paint

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I have a used black 1998 es300 and the front end of the car is chipped, to the left and right of the grille and the driverside head light is foggy too from the same problem...CHIPS AND DENTS!! is there an easy way to fix these cosmetic problems? rubbing compound? Turtle wax "chip stick" doesnt hold for long...Im out of ideas...New ones appriciated! :D

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The only way to really fix them is to repaint the front end. A touchup solution like www.autovisuals.com will work well, but wont help with the dents...

As for the lamps, try picking up the "Novus" trio of plastic polishes ;)

Welcome to the LOC!

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welcome to the club!!

heh my pearl white 93 ES actually probably has worse paint chips. i've got chips runnin from the lower grille to upper grille to hood. i've got random paint chips all over the place... man this just reminds me how much i hate dallas highways... too many rocks and small pebbles all over the place. one of these days i'm gonna be so mad when a large rocks flies and shatters my windshield. lol.

hope ya enjoy your stay here at the LOC


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OOPS! Not dents just paint chips. I checked the products you suggested, www.autovisuals.com and www.noscratch.com out and they have very reasonable prices...that is if the actually work. Have you guys tested these products? (scale of 1-10) (10 being the best. :unsure:)


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As more of a preventative measure, I'd suggest getting a "clear bra". Touch up your paint, buff out your headlights, and then find someone to bra you. Many local tint shops will do it much cheaper than the dealership. I recommend Clearshield brand, as it is much thinner than other brands... virtually invisible on black.

I've got one on the front of my hood, my headlights, and my side mirrors. As soon as the headlights start to chip and haze up, you can have them peel off the bra and replace it. Voila! Clear headlights. Best $200 I ever spent.

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