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2004 Rx330 Mud Guards?


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I need to find a source for mud guards for a 2004 RX330. Winter and salt is very bad this year. I can't keep the salt off the sides, hoping the mud guards will help??

I totally agree. Although I live n an area that uses little salt, the design of the wheel well itself contributes to a lot of spray which regardless of salt will ultimately lead to a lot of wear on the finish/paint in this area. The RX300 had built in mud flaps. I inquired from my dealer who says he does not know of any yet available.

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Great that a dealer has them in stock, I spoke with my dealer a moment ago and he states he does not have them nor does he know about them being available from Lexus which may mean that your dealer is getting them specially made. At $140 they are pricey but still perhaps worth it. Would you give us the name and number of yourv dealer so we may contavct them? Have you checked them out yet? Opinions?

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Would it be possible if you can post some pics of the mudguards?

I have received the Mud guards and installed them.

Lexus part number 08414-48820 cost$137

I had to install them

Bottom line is they don't do much.

Better off going to a custom detailer and get aftermarket ones installed.

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Has anyone found any mud guards for the rx330 besides the lexus ones mentioned? I have looked all over internet with no luck so far. I would really like to get some, as the vehicle really needs them. factory should have installed as standard equipment.

also, has anyone got a stone/bug guard installed? results? saw only one on internet , not sure how well it would work or look.

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