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Navigation On 1999 Ls400


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I'm looking for a little help from some one in the know. I'm just about to buy a low mileage 99LS400 and one of the major selling points is the Navigation System that is has. My question is this: Is the navigation system the same on the 99 as on the new models? A friend just bought a new one and the system is unreal! Voice directions, step-by-step instructions, map plotting, ECT. I was just wondering if the car I am going to buy has a similar system.

Thanks in advance.

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Its similar, but in all honesty the interface is archaic compared to the new system found on 2001s and up. Before I got my ES300 I was seriously considering a Certified 2000 LS400 instead and after playing with the two nav systems decided against looking at a 2000 LS with the system. Its still very functional and does give voice directions but the screen is smaller the interface is totally different, and its harddrive based vs the new ones which are DVD based which makes it harder and more expensive to upgrade.

The only way to know for sure is to check it out ;)

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