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97 Ls400 :problems With Pass. Side Mirror


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hi to everyone on this board. i'm new to this fourm. so please bare with me. haa..

anyhow. i have a 1997 black LS400. and i've encountered this new problem.

my passenger side mirror dimmer does not work anymore? but the heated mirror option still works..just that it doenst turn green anymore.. like my side and the rear view mirror.. could it be a fuse? or maybe a wiring problem?



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hey you have special button to turn heat on mirrors? i have never seen gen II LS with heated mirrors in US. or this is a spcecial feature of 97 model?

when i turn on my rear defrosters. my rear view mirror becomes heated as well.. i have a Canadian LS400.. so maybe i have it and the US version doensnt come with it maybe?

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