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Conflicting Information

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I just purchases a 1996 Lexus ES300. THe person I bought is from, one of those rare nice old men that takes care of a car, told me the car did not have a timing belt. Since I have owned many V6 toyota's, I have never heard of this, mine have Have always had a timing belt.

Here is where the conflicting information comes in:

Two Indi shops:

One says timing belt, the other says timing chain!?!?

Lexus Dealer

Atlanta - Says timing belt

BIrmingham - Says no timing belt

Owners Maint Schedule:

Only refers to timing belt changes for SC/LS 400

Can any one please shed some light? car has 121k ***TICKING TIMEBOMB***???

Used to have a Volvo, when a T-Belt goes on those...things start flying through the engine

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Welcome to the club Webster :D ! What color is your '96...any pics??

Steer clear of the Lexus dealer in Birmingham because the guy you talked to must be brain dead if he said you don't have a timing belt! Your '96 most definantly HAS a timing belt. Stand beside your passenger side fender, and you'll see a black cover that says 1MZFE, and behind that cover is the timing belt...heck their might even be a sticker that says when it was last changed. Lexus recommends changing it at 60k or 90k I can't remember, but some people have made it to 120k. When/if the belt pops, your car will probably just breakdown because our 3.0's without VVT-i are non interference engines. Look to pay $500-$1000 to get the belt, tensioners, and water pump replaced. My Lexus dealer quoted me $850 to replace those three things, and my neighborhood Toyota dealer told me $215 to replace the belt only...not too bad! Always check with a local Toyota dealer because they are usually cheaper; just tell them that you have an ES that has the same eng and tranny as the V6 Camry(they don't always know this).


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you have a belt

change at about 100 000 km

always change the water pump with the belt it is a couple of bucks more for labour and thermostat every other t belt change

guess how i know to change my pump everytime

mine blew 20 000 km after the belt was changed

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Thanks for the information. I am taking this care to the indi guy that said the car had a belt. They have a good rep in Atlanta fromt he people I have talked too.

Again thanks from the help and I will have a pic up soon when I do a couple of cosmetic mods

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