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I have an 1999 Lexus Es 300 having current mileage of 61,000.

I stay in Charlotte, NC. I ha :unsure::unsure: ve few questions:

1. The local Lexus Dealer Servicing cost is too high. Seeing at the work done and labour charge , I personally feel its a rip-off. Is there any way , I can get my vehicle serviced from the local Toyota Dealer ? I have an extended warranty on vehicle. Will servicing done from Toyota Dealer (and not from Lexus Dealer) void the warranty ?

2.The oil change has been marked for after each 3 months or 5,000 miles. I hardly drive 600 miles a month. Is it necessary to do an oil change so frequently , could it not be scheduled to be after 4 months or after 6 months (instead of 3 months.)

3. Which tyres should I get ?

High Performance or Ultra High Performance. Whats the difference in that ?

( by researching on net I found Potenza RE950 / Dunlop SP Sport A2 are good.) Has any one used them ? Whereas tirerack.com suggests me to use Firestone Affinity LH30. This is my first tire purchase , I dont know what to look for in a tire (except for size 205-65-15).

Any guidance will be appreciated.



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welcome to the club!

i see no reason why you cant use the toyota dealer instead of the lexus dealer.i and many others here would or have used toyota dealers instead of lexus.

as long as you dont go over 3,000 miles i dont see why you would need to change the oil.if you only put 600 miles a month on your car then get it changed at 5 months instead of 3.

as for tires its all up to the owner.some say good year is good and some say they stink.i have low profile tires so and use ultra high performance yokohama.but for you it depends on weather and other factors to see whats best for you.if you live in n carilina then i dont think you get any snow like philly so you might be better off with a summer tire then all season but if you do get any ice then get a all season tire.

hope this helps somewhat! :D

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have used toyota dealers instead of lexus.

Yep...I do too! There's no reason to pay twice as much at a Lexus dealership for the same service. I love Bohn Brothers Toyota...they treat me well and their service is pretty good, and if the job is over $300, they give me a loaner on the house. They do all of my oil changes for $25 a change in less than 30min or it's free vs. $60 or $80 at Lexus. Find a Toyota dealer you like and go for it.


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