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Unexpected Fuel Mileage Increase


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I don't know why, but my car has been getting between 1-1.5 extra miles to the gallon in the city :D ...no new air filter either! BTW, I'm up to 19.6- 19.9 mpg which on a car with 115k is very commendable...more than the EPA average on the window sticker. I drive conservatively...I'd say that I all out floor it no more than 3-5 times a tank...but I just have to hear the engine roar B) every now and then!!! I did change the alternator a few weeks ago; would it make a difference here?...it almost has to be the cause of the higher mileage.?.?.


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did you switch gas stations?

if not then maybe the new alternator is putting out more power then your old one and might be a help in performance but i never heard of that happing from a new alternator before so i cant say.

either way thats good news not bad! ;)

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