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2002 Rx Front Seats


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When my wife and I go somewhere, we take her RX, as it's way nicer than the '95 Intrepid I inherited as a hand-me-down. Nicest hand-me-down I've ever gotten, but still... Us motorcycle-crippled folks have a tough time with getting in/out of cars low to the ground.

The driver's seat on the RX has what, 10-way power seats, not including the lumbar aspect, but the passenger's seat has only 4-way seats, maybe 6-way, which hacks her off when she's over there, as she'd *really* like to be able to tweak the bottom cushion, and truly misses the lumbar support the driver's seat gives.

What makes it worse is, the Intrepid, being both a Dodge *and* 7 years older, has a passenger seat which is identical to the driver's, save for the lumbar adjustment.

Has anyone considered, or even looked into, 'adding' the same functionality the driver's seat has to the passenger's side? I think it might involve a complete seat-ectomy and replacement with a driver's side, then moving some parts over so the controls are actually usable. Plus, and now I'm running with it, which is typically dangerous, but I'm thinking the memory might also be something you could keep, if you had to change all of it over, anyway.

I just can't leave well enough alone with vehicles, of course, so this car, good as it is, will likely get tweaked, pretty much constantly, before it wears out, as I can't see selling it...it's as perfect a car as we've ever had, so there's not much sense in planning to do anything other than keep it indefinitely.

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