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'94 Gs300 Trc Problem

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Hi fellows

This is my first post here, so please be gentle with me.

A couple of weeks ago, I've bought a Lexus GS300 from '94. But yesterday morning, all of a sudden the following warning lights came on while driving: Brake ( the (!) light), TRC and TRC OFF. First I tried stopping the car and starting it again, but as soon as I touch the brakes, the (!) symbol lights up and short after the TRC and TRC OFF lights up.

So last night I've tried reading the error codes from the traction control unit (by shorting the Tc and E1 in the DLC1 under the hood.

This gave me the following two error codes:

Brake Warning light: Code 55

TRC OFF light: Code 43

So since then I've searched this forum over and over, trying to find out what these error codes means. The Brake Warning light code seems to be, lack of brake fluid. But the brake fluid reservoir is right at max level, so this isn't the problem. I also tried testing the plug for the brake fluid sensor to see if there where any shortings, but it seemed fine. Next I tried testing the sensor, but still no luck.

Could this be an old error code, if the error codes haven't been reset?

Next off is the error code from the TRC OFF light. I can't find this error code anywhere. Does anyone know what this error code means?

To round up the problem, the car brakes fine and nothing seems wrong while driving it.

I haven't tried if the ABS still works, but the traction control seems to be disabled.

Maybe someone (GuyTelefunken perhaps?) could post some troubleshooting flow charts for the above error codes?

But any help is appreciated.

Best regards, Morten

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