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Transmission Fluid Leak - Happy News!

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I just wanted to share my happiness...

I have a 2000 ES300, 159K miles on her. Bought her off eBay 5 yrs ago and have had no problems except the knock sensors. Replaced them at home for $300. Aside from tires, belts, etc, the car has been a dream.

This month I start seeing transmission oil underneath. A friend said it was probably the seal between the engine and transmission. Oh great...a $10 part, but a $700-$1200 job. Ok. No worries. I mean right? It's worth it for a beautiful car that I love so much. I just start socking money away to fix it. It was only leaking 1-8 drops a day.

THEN I take it to have my oil changed and Jiffy Lube says I have a transmission leak (yes I know) and I am leaking engine oil. Engine Oil? I haven't ever seen engine oil leaking. They must be mistaken. Well...I am not that worried about it, but I am still stressing over the transmission. friend and I get under my car today, start taking things apart and you know what? The transmission pan is loose, almost all the bolts. And you know where it is wet with transmission oil? All around the pan. Ta-da! Tighten the pan and wow! No more leak! Yay!

As for the engine oil, I need new camshaft gaskets, but that is easy(er).

I did the hugest happy dance this evening! Imagine thinking your car is dying and then realizing it isn't so bad. It's a good car day today!!

And maybe this all seems silly to you, but being a "girl", I don't want to worry about my car, and I surely want to know what's wrong with it before taking it in somewhere to be fixed. I don't want to be taken because I am deemed as stupid.

May she last another 60K miles!

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