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Trans Leak

tim john

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Hello, quick question, will flushing a trans. cause a trans to leak where the trans and motor mate? I have a 04 ES, 70000 miles, had fluid changed and flushed at about 60000 miles, leak didn't happen till about 9-10 months later. Had car since new. They used a B-G system to flush. Said it was low preasure, took a while to complete, watched them hook up run the system. No shifting problems. Leak fixed by dealer on warrenty. Thanks.


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Definately trans fluid...

I would personally think its just a breakdown of the transmission gaskets more than the flush you had done.

Had it happened right after the flush I'd feel differently...

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Every 15,000 drain and refill byself. Next 15,000 take it to mechanic for drop pan change filter and refill trans.

I maintained my 97 ES300 this way and until it was totaled at 362K, trans was running like New.

362K miles? Wow! Good job!!

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