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Cd Player, Fog Lights & Indicator Light

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Hey all. New to the board and picked up my '98 SC300 last week. This is my first venture outside the Honda world and my last car was a '94 Legend Coupe LS. Although Acura holds a special place in my heart, I already have the same warm feelings for Lexus and like the SC300 as well as my Legend and I'm sure with time will end up liking it better.

Here are a few questions..

1) The light in the instrument cluster that indicates a tail light is out is on, however no tail lights or brake lights are out and the indicator light only comes on when the headlights are on...? Also, there is a green lightbulb in the instrument cluster that is on when the brake light indicator is on, again, only when the headlights are on.

2) The CD changer took in a disc the other night and won't play it, won't change, won't anything. I pulled the magazine out and the disc is still somewhere in the changer. Is my best bet to take it to someone who works on car audio and let them look at it or is there an easy way to get this thing to eject the disc?

3) It seems that replacing the bulbs for the foglights is damn near impossible with a normal guy's size hands. Can anyone give me an idea of the easiest way to do this without breaking something or breaking my hands?

Thanks for the help!

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1) My 1996 LS400 indicated that I have a tail light out. I temporarily fixed this ailment by unplugging and replugging in all the lights (there apparently was and now still is a bad connection). Try replacing all the bulbs... maybe one of the contacts is poorly conduction.

2) Take it to someone else or send it to me... I don't mean to solicit services, but I have doctor's hands and a variety of VERY SMALL screw drivers that are perfect for opening this sort of equipment (I service computers as my day job). Just send me a private message so we don't clutter this message board.

3) I did the conversion from cornering to fog lights on my '93 SC300 and had to take most of the front plastics off (not worth the added light). You may have to do the same : (


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I don't think there is a reset button for such. This is some what common because common mistake made by the owner or mechanics. Rear parking lamp calls for 5watt bulb but does not list the part # in your owners’ manual. Do search at your auto part store and it calls for 168 instead of 194 that most people/mechanics use. Missed perception because of the common usage of the 194 bulbs. Our SC also uses 194 but it is for side marker and trunk light. Difference is that 194 has .27 amps (3.8watts) and 168 has .35 amps (5watts). For those who have the warning lights, it is because there is a problem. As long as I have owned Lexus all alerts have been a legitimate. For those with Engine Check, Coolant light is because there is really a problem. STOP resetting your lights without a resolution ;) . Except for GM cars which I think they are programmed by the fresh out of training school programmers (not that anything is wrong with that). For fix, replace all six bulbs (less than $6) and get a new start. From here on you should good take care of your newer ride :rolleyes:

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While I am here I will try to resolve your other questions;

1. green light bulb is an indicator light that your headlight is ON. (green means its OK)

2. since the changer is broken, break open the slide door and pry lift the 12 changer (Naka?)

3. unscrew few screws from the splash cover and you will have all the access you want.

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