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Replacing Stock Speakers In Dash

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All of the references I've checked say that the ES300 has 6.5" round speakers in the front doors, but mine has what seems to be certainly smaller ones on the dash. So my stereo questions are:

What size are they? How do I get at 'em for replacement? Is it very difficult to do?

Here they put an alledgely quality stereo put fourth with awful speakers :(


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your on the right quest rep[lacing the speakers.. the 8 speaker system sounds very good for oem when all the speakers are working well. i am sure your speaker fabic has all disintegrated. you can replace the rear woofers easily just standard 6x9 4 ohm 15w. the dash speakers are called squawkers beleive it or not and will be harder to find a replacemant may have to find from a salvage yard inn a dry but not hot climate like great plains states. i have the info from the es300 factory shop manual on hjow to remove. i could fax it to you. pm a fax number.

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