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New2me '94 Es 300 Newbie


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Rirstly, let me say that I goofed & sent this as a individual thing rather than the post it now is. Because of this my orig. is at the bottom, followed by JPI's response and then my part 2 on top. Sorry All!! Welp, now I know how to post a bit better. On with the show....

On the 'dog-bone' I was more inquiring as to whether that might suggest some other prob's. I'll definitely check the other motor mounts.

Might the engine noise be those valve stem seals? I really should describe the noise better. The sound is intermittent, it is definitely in the engine likely either Cyl# 2 or 4. I have been unable to correlate it to engine temp, or other such factors. Today I pulled the forward valve cover. Aside from being shocked by the sludge there I saw nothing remarkable. Most of the time the motor sounds smooth & fine

I'm debating whether to take the bold step of pulling the cylinder heads and redoing the top end. 140k miles seems pretty low milage for such a thing.

One other thing: having both the speedo & temp lighting out stinks. The inability to simply replace a bulb or such is :censored::censored: Anyhow, there's a guy on eBay who sells a fix. I'm wondering if anyone knows of this eBay gauges thing

You will to replace the dog-bone.  The valve cover gaskets and cam seals usually leaks all the time.  Check your motor mounts also, they are shot.  Your valve steam seals are probably bad too.  Let me know if you need the parts.  We offer discount on parts also.


START MY ORIGINAL PART HERE  I'm a newbie too. I noticed my engine moving control rod's bushing is like not there. Should I be concerned? At 140k miles, and since I too bought at auction and thus have no knowledge of its' maintenance history. I'll try the Lexus dealer but who knows...      :wacko:  I've noticed some engine rattle, it seems like a lifter (?) and in following that I noticed the oil was gritty. I added a quart of Mobil-1 full synthetic oil, and figure I'll do L/O/F's every 1k miles for a couple times. I also put in Bosch Platinum-2 plugs today (what fun the back three were)

I also have the not-lighted speedo & temp gauges  :angry:  My Haynes shop manual made no mention of this, so I pulled the cluster  Am I to believe the only choices are 500 to 1000$$ or just live with it? Cruddy choice!

Anyhow, I'd be pleased to get whatever advice on what the suggestions are of what things I should be looking into. I got this car with long trips in mind, so I want it to be ultra dependable


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