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Small List Of Problems


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Hey, I just joined the site. I have a 93 SC400 with about 115,000 miles. I took it to a reputable Lexus Dealership, Henessey in ATL, to get rid of trac and check engine lights. They wanted to charge me $350 for an o2 sensor, but I refused because inspection is not for another year (hope I'm not harming the envrnmt too much). Anyway those lights have remained on for about 2 months and the car runs fine. I was wondering if my trac light is on permanently, does my trac system not work in rainy weather for example? Is it a serious problem to not have both engine and trac lights on, and do I need an o2 sensor?

The car also makes some scrathing noises when turning, maybe its just the age.

Also, how many miles can the sc rack up before it fails.

I really appreciate the feedback.

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if you take normal maintance as long as you seem to it won't last very long

the o2 sensor controls the amount of gas used by the engine

if they don;t work tehn the car is unsure of its power production causing an inbalance especially in a v8 compared to the 300 it can also foul the oil other o2 sensors and cat never mind the overheating problem

you are not doing you self anygood by saving a few cents and not getting it done now.

fix the poor car or you might need to get a new car

also as long as the cel trac light is on the trac will not work either.

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yeah, definitly need a bit of maintainance on that beast. the O2 sensor isnt that expensive and you should be able to change it yourself providing that it hasnt bonded to the headers or wherever it is on the V8. $350 for the sensor and replacing isnt that bad from the dealer also. That scratching noise could be any number of expensive things. Maybe try and get it properly lubed up and see if it doesnt fix it.

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I've seen O2 Sensors at Auto Zone. They may be able to order one for your SC400. Next, you will need to read the diagnostic error to determine which of the 5 O2 sensors is bad. My Check Engine light would come on and the diagnostics indicated it was O2 sensor #2. The light then went off the next day, so I haven't fooled with it. I have a '93 SC400 with 183,000 miles. I have had no sensor fail and I do not have Trac Control. It is really not necessary for the SC400 unless you drive in snow and ice. Mine stays in the garage during bad weather.

To change your O2 sensor, you will need a special socket. They are listed quite often on ebay or if you know the proper size, you can save 4-5 bucks through JC Whitney. I purchased mine on ebay for a total of about $15.00.

Be sure and soak it for a period of time with WD-40 or some penetrating lubricant as they tend to seize up from all the heat.

I periodically spray all my O2 sensors, so if I ever need to change one, it is more likely to free up.

Hope this info helps!


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I had this exact same problem with my 92 Sc400, with 99k on it. Turned out for me, it was both my front O2 sensors (which are a !Removed!, to get to). I attempted to change them myself, (and I had a lift, which made it 100x easier) and quickly stripped them both out in the process of removing them. I did this after soaking them in wd-40, and I am a farily competant auto mechanic, I like to think. I eventually had to pay one of my buddys that is a Lexus technitian, to come re-thread them for me (which I probably could have done on my own, but I had already botched the job enough I figured). Parts cost is about $140 per O2 sensor.

As far as the Traction control light, it will always be on whenever the check engine light is on, and the traction control will not work. If you want to reset these lights simply unplug the battery for 30-40 minutes, and the lights will probably stay off for a day or two.

So, if I had it to do over again, I wold have just taken it to Lexus, and not had to worry about it. I wasnt the easiest job Id ever done, although it didnt sound to tough to begin with.

Good Luck! :D

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