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91 Ls400 Trac System Problem


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There is 5 inches of snow on the ground up here in Ohio and that amount grows daily. I have been driving on some exremely icy, slushy streets. The TRAC sytem is great, it has helped me countless times to get going! I have noticed that sometimes while going between 30 and 40 MPH the trac light will come on and stay on, disabling the system. I just pull off and restart the car and it usually will go away. This is a serious problem for me, as recently it is happening more frequently. During the summer I have found that if the car sits in the sun the TRAC light comes on when the car starts and won't turn off, until I restart. During the winter I only have the problem after driving about 5 miles and will go away after a restart. Recntly the light will come right back on a mile or two later after restarting. HELP!!!!!!!!!!! What is it that is causing the sytem to freak out? If I took it to a Toyota dealer could they help me out, and for how much?

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