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60,000 Mi. Service


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Perusing my odometer this morning I realized that I'm creeping close to the big 60,000 mile mark (57,800). In cars past this usually meant a big buck bonanza that culminated in the replacement of the timing belt as well as a roundup of every spare coin stuck in the couch to pay for it. Well now that I own a Lexus ( I got my RX in April, Certified used) I figured I better take care of it and I steeled myself for the inevitable estimate. The cheapskate in me, however , wouldnt let make the appointment without first checking the manual and seeing exactly what was done at the big 60k service. Surprise, I diddnt see a timing belt replace, in fact it looked just like some regular old service most of which I do myself anyway. It looked like the first mention of timing belt service was at 90k So. My question(s) is/are has anyone had any timing belt problems before 90k? Did I miss something in the maintenence schedule? What have all/any of you done. Thanks!

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