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Windshield Blade


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I'm assuming that you just want to change the rubber blade strip and not the wiper arm itself.

The rubber blade contains two slender stainless steel strips on either side.

Take a pair of needle nose pliers and carefully grab the rubber blade at the large end and pull the rubber up and away from the stainless steel strips.

Be carefull not to bend the strips. Once you have started to pull the rubber out from the stainless steel strips, you will be able to slide the rest of the rubber blade out.

Note the orientation of the two stainless steel strips. They have notches which go on the inside.

Place the two stainless steel strips on either side of the new rubber blade and then insert into the arm. Push the new blade into the arm until the metal notches at the end lock into the rubber.

Do one at a time and if you get stuck, look at the other to see how it fits.

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