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Seat Warmer Switch


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The passenger side seat warmer button is permanently stuck on "Hi." It was fine until I turned it on a week ago. The low setting wouldn't light up for 5 minutes then I switched it to High because it wasn't getting warm very quickly. It hasn't turned off since.

A posting said I could pop off the switch through the manual brake or something but I don't think I have a manual brake.

Thank you.

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try and be a little more detailed

like is the switch stuck in the high position

what happens if you press on it

is the light on the switch

you know the little details

try popping the switch up and seeing if the little clear plastic over the light has fallen inside causeing the switch to be stuck

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I think the switch stuck due to temp. My switch is stuck also after pushing on it, the switch does not pops out until I lube it with WD40. Try to lube it with WD40 or Silicon STP lubrication it will help the switch to pop back out again.

you don;t want to use wd 40 on an electrical ontact

it is flammable and the contacts create sparks

it may help the switch move better but use something else

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The switch is permanently stuck on high. I can "move" it to off or low, but the light is always lit to the high setting orange. And if I glide my finger over it very lightly, it will push down to high. It's kind of like the mechanism beneath the plastic is stuck on high but the plastic cover moves around freely on top of it.

So should I just try the silicone lubricant and pop it with a flat object like a screw driver or something?

chubyball, were you able to fix it with this WD40/popping method? And if it's the cold temperature outside, will it unstick when it gets warmer (like in April or thereabout)?


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