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Engine Dies


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Hi. My 2000 ES300 starts then sometimes dies as I switch into reverse, which is pretty nearly always immediately after the car starts.

I first had trouble with it starting all together when the cold season set in and the Lexus road side assistance guy told me it was because I had a bad battery and there was some drain somewhere. I haven't fixed the drain, but I did get a new battery at Sears.

This particular problem never occured before I switched the battery. Sears claims it is not their problem but it happened the very first time the day after I got the new battery.

1) Does someone know the battery specs for 2000 ES300?

2) Can any mechanic figure this out or do I have to take it to a dealer?


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Maybe I'm stupid, but I don't understand why the battery has anything to to do with a stalling engine, unless there is a tremendous power drain or short circuit when shifiting into reverse. :blink: Something else can be causing this problem.

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It turns off right after I start the car. It starts fine so I shift into reverse and it just dies suddenly. Headlights and dashboard stays lit but the engine is just dead. It's never died anywhere or anytime else.

When I turn off the ignition and restart, it doesn't have new troubles. I am not sure it dies because I switch into reverse or it just dies immediately after starting which is when I switch into reverse.

Thank you.

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does it die if you start it up and shift into D? I realize the shift level has to pass through R to get to D. Does it die when the level goes through R or only when you shift from P and stop in R. If you go from P to D without stopping in R, does it die?

Can you move the shift to N, start the car, then move it to R.....does it die then, too?

If you start the car in N, then move to D, does it die then too?

I have an idea, but your answers to these scenarios will help.


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