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Tire Pressure

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I have a 2003 ES300. When I took it in for the 7.5K service, I told them that the tires looked a little flat - twice friends had commented that the tires seemed to need air.

At the end of the service, the service person mentioned tha the tire pressure was correct (32 psi), and that apparently tires on all Lexus look a little flat. He did not explain why, and I did not have the presence of mind to ask him to explain.

Does anyone have the same experience that the ES tires look a little flat when inflated to the recommended pressure?

Siddharth Dasgupta

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I check mines on a normal basis as I had two bad seals. But yes, it looks a little droopy where it contacts the ground. Just a little though, but best bet is to check your tire pressure yourself in the morning. If it is 32 psi, no worries!

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What kind of tires on your 03, Michies or Bridgies?

some tire brands have softer sidewalls than others and tend to "bulge" more. It also depends what the tire is parked on. For example, I have a rain lip on the edge of my street to usher the rain towards the the grate. When I park and get one tire partially on the edge of this lip, the tire looks really flat.

keep a tire pressure gauge in the glove box. When in doubt measure it cold.


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