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04 Ls430 Arrives With Dead Amplifier


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:( My 04 LS430 arrived from the factory a few days ago with a dead audio amplifier. My dealer ordered a new one and it hasnt come in yet.

The amplifier in my 01 LS430 died 2 days later.

Coincidence? I think not! Someone out there doesn't want me to listen to the radio....

Anyone else have this problem?

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I'd say its definately a run of bad luck LOL

Its not a common occurance, and the dealer should take care of both...

Congrats on the new car though! You should have them install the XM radio kit while they're doing the amp.

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Yes, I ordered the XM kit at the same time I had the problem diagnosed. Since the dealer is about 2 hours from where I live, I always try to do as many things as possible at one time. XM parts have arrived but still waiting for the amp (2 weeks now). Supposed to be in any day, they are blaming weather at this point. I just hope the amp is really dead and it is not some wiring problem that blows it out again.


The 01 LS430 is being sold, so it won't be around much longer. But I do have an SC430 which sits beside the LS and they do make a pretty pair.

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When the radio is on, you get a music start, stop, start, stop every few seconds.

When the radio is turned off, you hear a loud "pop" sound every 4-5 seconds. It is loud enough that I had to get them to disconnect the amp all together.

Lexus finally has the new amp at the dealer. Hope to have everything back in shape by Tuesday.

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