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How Many Bushings?!


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:ph34r: If you were talking about engine mount bushings, why would you just replace the bushings and not the whole mount? If I was going to attempt this type of repair I would opt to replace the whole component. To me it is just not worth risk.
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Thanks 99lsguy and dogboy!! :)

Suspension and differential bushings - is what I meant. [should have said that - sorry]

My car doesn't feel very secure above 100. [62 mph] Not dangerously so - but I just don't get the feeling that it would pass the 'Moose Test'. [that's when something suddenly appears before you and you have to drive around it] So that's the suspension part of the question. As for the differential - there is a definite 'droan' when I let off the gas at about 80 or so. [50 mph] Someone once said that could be the differential. It also feels [sometimes] as though I'm towing a boat. [as if something isn't moving as freely as it should] Although my '93 LS has only 86,000km [about 53,000 miles?] it SAT every winter for several months at a time. Because of that - I think some of the problems are caused by dried up bushings. [and/or other parts that can be negatively effected by just 'sitting']


Craig!! :)

ps Hey dogboy!! Any relation to Bat Boy?! lol [the famous tabloid charactor]

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I know you had a lot of service when you got the car.... but did they change the differential fluid too? That would be my first concern, along with a pan drain on the tranny.

Even if it was done, I'd be inclined to do both again (well, I KNOW I WOULD). This is because you car has/had long layoffs in the winter. These first fluid changes may serve to help "clean" and you may need to get that gunk outta there!

I'd use 80-90 synthetic for the diffy - especially since you're in the great white north.

MY 99 has upper & lower mounts in the front of the diffy, then 2 large mounts behind it.

Also, check torque from the l/r axles as they attach to differential. I have 6 on each side (10mm hex) and torque is 61 ft. lbs.

first cause of noise in diffy is low fluid

After that, you get into worn pinion gears and other badness - so let us know about the fluid...


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Main Entry: drone

Function: verb

Inflected Form(s): droned; dron•ing

intransitive senses

1 a : to make a sustained deep murmuring, humming, or buzzing sound

b : to talk in a persistently dull or monotonous tone

2 : to pass, proceed, or act in a dull, drowsy, or indifferent manner

I shout this out to my wife on the hwy to persuade her to let me repair the car.


It is a not so common malady called, coincidentally, " the drone" .

I have the same problem on a 91LS.

TSB reference

It is applicable to all cars 96 and before. ( It is misleading on the web site )

Some cars do it and some do not. The repair is extensive being at least $1300 in parts and labor. I has my car on a lift and heard the noise starting around 40 ( very low frequency) and especially around 60-70 ( drone ) then fading out to road and wind noise after that.

Initially, I had the differential replaced to discover that it was not the problem.

What happens is that the noise emanates from the differential area. It is a problem with vibration. The rear shafts being are out of phase or harmony. The differential vibrates/hums to the point of wear out the differential mounts. This makes the matter even worse/louder!!

My independent Lexus mechanic told me that it is not a safety issue but more of a sanity issue.

Can you withstand it?

It bugs the hell of me.

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ok everyone wrote too much for me to read because im feeling lazy so if my answer to bushings has already been written sorry :lol: the main bushings to change from my experience(changed every suspension component on my LS in the front) would be the front lower ball joints strut arm bushings, and swaybar bushings.

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Did you have occasion to examine your "rear carrier bushings"? The dealer recommended replacing mine, but the alignment place said they are just old and dirty.

I don't seem to have any symptoms, but I'm wondering if the dealer knew something, or if they just wanted some unnecessary business.


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if your car is about 10 years old then why not change them i just did on mine i posted the topic under "rear trailing arm bushings replaced" so take a look mine were totaly gone the center could be pushed out by hand

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