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Adus Bushings Dimensions

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Does anyone have dimensions for these Bushings?

ADUS 505 and ADUS 583.

I need to replace the most rearward bushing in the spindle carrier (in the United Kingdom we call it a hub) which connects to the long rear lower suspension arm.

My car is a 1995, Gen-2 MK-III so might be slightly different to Gen-1 cars.

However saying that, in the past I have replaced the rear upper inner wishbone bushings, 2 each side, with ADUS 578 and Armstrong did have these marked as 90-94, but they fitted a treat. So I am not sure. I need the dimensions to help me decide.

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Does anyone have the dimensions of the ADUS 583 Bushing?

Has anyone replaced the Rear suspension, lower, outer, rearmost suspension bush.

I know the ADUS 583 suits a Mk1&2 (<'94 car) but I have a 1995 mk3 car.

I dont want to have to purchace a whole hub assembly from lexus :-(

Many thanks in advance.

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For sure adus 505 fits the UCF20 chassis. I have those installed and mine is a 95.

The 583 kit comes with with 2 bushings. One for the bushing on the spindle/hub side and one that goes in the lateral arm. It is confirmed that the bushings on the spindle side fits but not the actual arm side. Here is the thread for reference:

Im trying to compile a list of compatible bushings between the ucf10 and ucf20 chassis. So, thanks to you, its now confirmed that the Adus 578 fits both chassis eventhough only labeled for the 1st gens. Have you replaced any other bushings on your 95? Im also trying to confirm whether the front lower control arm bushings fit both as well.

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