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Engine Ringing

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For as long as we've had the ES I've noticed an odd ringing noise coming from the engine. As time has gone by it seems to be getting louder, it may be or it may just be in my head but I really noticed it tonight. It's loud when it's in park but it gets quieter when it's in drive or reverse. The car is still under the CPO warranty so luckily it won't cost me anything if something's wrong but I just wondered if anyone here had an idea where this noise is coming from. Thanks!

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On my 97 ES, it's always had a sort of high-pitched whine (sort of ringing), especially when cold or just starting. Like yours, it mostly goes away when in Drive but is back when in Park. From what I've gathered, it's one of the belts that needs to be tightened a little tiny bit at a tensioner joint as to not make the squeal noise. At a high RPM --on start-- it's louder. Also, I kind of pinpointed it by spraying belt dressing little by little until it !Removed! in one certain spot. Hopefully the same thing and not something drastic. Good luck.

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