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Lexus Ls430 Hybrid


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This is only a pipe dream...but imagine a car with such potential. The technology does exist today to create such a car, so here is my concept of a revolutionary new Lexus. What if Lexus came out with an LS430 with a hybrid engine the burn fuel very effeciently, on a my molecular level using the science of nanotechnology. Such an engine would average anywhere from 75-85mpg. This vehicle would by capable of reaching speeds of up to 170mph. The electric portion of the engine would use a pair of capacitors power the motor at speeds below 45 mph. The capacitors would be continually recharged by a generator incorporated into the front axle, thus unlimited energy. What if the the front and rear windsheilds were solar panels using light cool or heat the car while it is parked. What if these same windsheilds could be tinted by the touch of a bottom to reduce glare (no sun visors). What if standard features included satelite radio & TV (watching TV & listening to radio programs from anywhere in the world), DVD player, wireless computer access, navigation system with GPS (recieve navigation data reagrdless of location or country), built-in system analyzer (electronically troubleshoot maintenance problems if they occur). The true beauty of such a car is that it would require no maintenance for up to 200,000 miles.

Sounds far fetched? But such a car does exist, and it's not a Lexus. It's a European car that will probably debut soon, but sadly not in the U.S., where the "Big Oil" stifles such innovation. The technology in this vehicle is phenominal.

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