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Persistent Trac Light


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I have persistent problem with the TRAC light ever since I bought my Lexus (1993 LS400). The TRAC light will come on and stay on after a few minutes of driving, stay on for a few days, and then go off for a week or two. I took it the experts (Dealer) and they could not figure out what was wrong, but charged me none-the-less. I have even flushed the brake system myself, but the problem still persist. Has anyone out there experienced a similiar problem? If you have the "silver bullet" for this problem, please, by all means, share the knowledge! Thanks.


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I had an intermittant trac light. I cleaned the throttle body and intake manifold 3 days ago and I have haven't seen the trac light on since, except for when the wheel is slipping on icy or wet roads. I took the throttle body and manifold housing off to clean the cold start valve. These were really gunked up from the EGR fumes.

This effort fixed my 5 second cranking startups with a cold engine, which was the main reason for all of this work.

I'm not sure if it fixed my trac light problem permanently, but it looks good so far. The engine idles slightly faster and accelerates much smoother. The throttle butterfly had not been cleaned for 191k miles and was pretty nasty. The pipe leading to the EGR valve inside the manifold was almost clogged completely up.

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I have 1991 LS 400. I read all bills from original owner and found -


- Diagnosis Traction ControlSystem, the reason for the TRAC-CONROL Light being on at times

- Checked for the ANTI-LOCK,TRACTION CONTROL SYSTEM and found a code 51 This is a code for problem with the engine control computer system - We checked engine control computer and found code 25 This is a code the air fuel control lean - Then we tested the OX1 O2 sensor and found it to be BAD. WE replaced the sensor and retest the system. IT figure out the problem.

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