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Replacing Oxygen Sensor


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Not sure what you are getting at with color code. You mean wire color? Never played with O^2 sensors yet. You will need a special service tool to get them out/in correctly I think. JPI might be able to help you out. Otherwise, get on the horn and start calling exhaust shops to see if they can give you a cross reference part. I'm sure the delco one would work as long as it is a direct cross ref part. You'll need a professional's input (probably more than one) or try it and if it works, you're good. If not - back to the parts bin.

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just joined! I never knew about this site for 3 years??? good site, like it so far :)

anyways, here's some info on o2 sensor:


Black Blue (sensor output)

White Black (heater circuit)

White Black (heater circuit)

Gray White (sensor ground)

if it's wrong, let me know.

make sure your univ o2 sensor is screw type.

is this for the front or rear?

I think I got my OEM o2 sensor like $110.

good luck

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