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I Need A Sc300

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i just need a sc300 in any condition. 5spd, auto, who cares, and amount of mileage, just give me a low price. i dont mind if the paint sux. i dont care. hook me up people! hook me up people. yes this will be my first car but i want to make it a supra conversion with the engine etc. so help me people

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i try ebay, autotrader etc. i do know what i am getting into. my cousin has one and its gorgeous with the supra motor. my other cousin has a 95 twin turbo supra and my brother in law has a 93 twin turbo supra that has 1250 hp (full race). so i know a lil bit of what im gonna be doing. but anyways. i just need a coupe thats call. thanks for your time!

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