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Have A Pre-owned Ls430 On The Way But . . .


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this car may be too big for me. I currently have a GS300 as my daily driver. I really love the GS and I know I'm not going to be able to let her go easily. But I gotta admit, I've eyeballed an LS430 for the past 2 years and have test driven a bunch of 01's and 02's. IMO, LS430 is much better than even the S500 or 740. But I just couldn't locate one with all the Must-Haves (White EXT, Mark Lev, Nav, Ca Walnut Wood). There was always atleast one must-have missing. When all the must-have's were there, the price, or the mileage, was insane! But I just found one at a Carmax in GA for with only 12,880 miles for $43,900. It turns out it also has 17" wheels for whatever thats worth. I'm getting $18K for my GS, a '98 with 55K mi (but no nav and not even a CD player).

Anyway, I called LEXUS with the VIN and the only replacement item on the LS430 was a dash board bulb (Some warning light kept coming on) and a battery. There was a 5K mile service check along with oil changes. So as long as there has been no body work on theh car, it might be a good deal, especially at 3.95% with my credit union.

But I just don't know if I'm going to like the size. I'm only 5'7" and no kids or anything and the GS is more my personality. But that LS430 Luxury!!! Damn!

I'll have 5 days of driving to decide. If the LS is too big or if I miss the nimble GS, I'll just have to giver her back to CarMax. They even said they would refund the $150 transfer fee. So I have nothing to lose. It should be here Friday.

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You'll like it. In all honesty, its not that much bigger than the GS, and it doesnt feel nearly as big as it is. Its not as big as a S500 or a 7 series. Its between a 5 series and a 7 series.

And I wouldnt worry about past accidents, Carmax is careful about that.

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