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In Need Of A Good Mechanic

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Im in need of a good mechanic. I have a few problems with my 97 SC 400. The car is still in great condition but due to its age and mileage (168,xxx) I need several things done to it before its road worthy again. I am looking for a good mechanic in the Bay Area Ca. If you know of any who wont charge me and arm and a leg let me know.

Things I need done:

1. Driverside power window no longer work. Think i need new regulator

2. need to replace struts or ball joint or something like that on passenger side (Not sure exactly what the problem is but my wheel almost fell off one day) I guess I might as well replace both sides

3. High mileage tune up

any other suggestions that you have that I should do while Im doing all of this please let me know.


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