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Need Help Replacing Hid Headlight Bulbs

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I'm trying to change out my burnt out hid bulbs in an 02 gs300. I can't seem to remove the metal housing thing on the back of the old bulbs. I've heard its held on with clips, and I can feel two things on the side of the housing (I'm assuming these are the clips). I can move these things about half an inch but I cant get the metal housing to budge. Is there a trick to getting these off? Is there a certain way to manuever these clips to release the metal housing? Please help! Thanks

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This metal housing you're talking about i believe is the bulb igniter. It attaches to the back of the HID bulb and feeds it the voltage from the ballast (which is hidden)

I've circled the igniter and the ballast is the rectangular box attached to it (which is hidden somewhere else in the headlights).


The igniter can be removed by rotating it counter-clockwise a few degrees until it stops, then pull it off.

Those paper-clip like prongs you speak of hold the bulb in place. Press them both inwards, then towards the bulb, and pull out. They're just held in place by little latches on the housing. As soon as you have the igniter removed from the bulb you'll be able to figure it out... As soon as the bulb holder clips are pulled away, the bulb will freely come out.

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