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Ahc Suspension Accumulators - B & B Suspensions - Bleed System

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AHC Suspension Accumulators - B & B Suspensions - Bleed System

I own a 1999 LX 470 with 148,000 miles and I'm changing my accumulators (all 4) for the first time. In the past few months, my ride has become spongey (truck seems to roll left and right around turns and slow curves) but very HARD when negotiating potholes, bumps, etc. It just doesn't feel like the ride I'm used to. I like in New York and think the climate has been kind to me... I heard harsh weather and intense heat really beats up the system.... so after a call to B & B Suspensions and an hour + conversation with Keith, I have decided to go after market....

I have purchased 3 (2.5 liter) containers of the Toyota / Lexus AHC Fluid (part AHC Suspension Fluid 2.5 liter container 08886-01805), which by the way, is now $41... I called 5 dealerships locally and found pricing $41 to $57.... I believe I have enough to change the globes and flush the system.....

I have read a few forum threads on IH8MUD.COM... and feel I'm ready to take this on myself....

Does anyone have ANY tips, tricks, watch out for's, suggestions before I start bleeding my first accumulator...

I've done a visual inspection (when I was doing my O2 sensors) and everything SEEMS to be where everyone says it is.... I read about taking a 32mm open ended wrench and grinding it down to 8 - 9 mm thick..... are ther any other "heads up" I need to know???




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