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98 Ls400 Trans Hesitation

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Thanks to this Forum I just might of saved $2K . For the past 6 months my 1998 LS400 with 90K miles

has been very slow to engage in gear when going from Park to Reverse or Drive (4th,3rd,2nd,1st too).

Somebody had posted that CrankShaft Position Sensor might be associated. Well he seems to be right.

I have taken it to the dealer and it cost me $70 bucks for them to tell me I needed new $3000 tranny.

I took it to local tranny man and he said it would cost me 2k for him to rebuild it......all hogwash.

Last night I read this Forum and this morning I cleaned the Crank Position Sensor and the hole it fits into

as well as the connector. Wah La more hesitation////car shifts like it did before and smoother, no

more minute delay for it to go into gear. I plan on buyiung a new $84 crank position sensor from Rock Auto just

to cover all bases.....its very easy to change out.......but for now a good clean was all it needed. For info purposes

the sensor is just in front of the oil pan on drivers side and it is held in place by one very easy to access 10mm

bolt. When it was bad i could sometimes hear a clicking noise coming from it. But at the time it was faint and I

didnt relate the click to the tranny problem....but sure enough it seems that it was related.

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