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Don't Settle For Anything Less Than A Certified Lexus Mfgr's E

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First let me thank this forum for providing very helpful feedback on purchasing an extended warranty. I'm a proud owner of Lexus LS460 and wanted to make sure I was going to be covered for at least the next 3-4 years after the original manufactures warranty ran out. So I started with the obvious and ask my local Lexus dealership to quote me on the 6/100K and 7/100K warranties. Let's just say that their prices were not in my ballpark or even in the ballpark two states over, :( they were very proud of their warranties, which is to be expected. That's when I turned to the Lexus Owners Club forum to seek advice, boy did I get a lot, very good Pro's and Con's of purchasing an extended warranty. The feedback was very helpful and certainly helped me to make an informed decision I feel.

Now comes the good part, if you're looking to purchase an extended warranty don't bother trying to go directly to your local dealership because they will sell you a much higher extended warranty. I took the advice from several posters in the forum and contacted Toby Rivers to quote me on a new Lexus Manufactures Warranty. Folks he will save you a bunch of money, Toby sells the same warranty you can get through your local dealership at a substantially reduced price. I just purchased the Platinum 6yr/100,000 mile extended warranty through Toby and he not only got me into the ballpark but gave me prices below my expectations. Toby was easy to work with and answered all my questions.


Toby's Email address is :


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