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Sc300 Wiring Favor


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I am in desparate need of what color wire connect to what color wires. The harness in behind the driver's side quarter panel to the left of the jack tools. There is a picture of the harness below.


If anyone can list what color wires match to what color wires that would be a great help.

The reason I have resorted to posting this message on the board is because my window will not roll up, my abs light in now on, and my steering seems to be affected. As I do not trust leaving my car outside with both windows wide open.

I've looked through the FSM, but there is no wiring diagram for the particular harness.

I know it is a lot to ask of another sc300 to physically look and explain to me what color wires correspond to each other. But I would appreciate it soooo MUCH.

Thank You,


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