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Just Found A Scratch/dent On Our Lx470...

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With all the sand, salt and negative degree weather, I have not looked over our truck much. I found a deep 6" scratch that dented in the front part of the fender.... I have no idea were in came from... we always park a mile away so as not to have any door dings.

Anyway, I need to have it fixed and I am worried if they can repair a small area very well and color match it so that you cannot notice a differnce. The truck is a black and the only blemish it had when we bought it was a small dent in the hood that I intend to fix at the same time. Can they fix small spots and have it look like new?

thanks for any advise.

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Unexplained scratches are fairly common on cars. Even though I never park my truck near anyone, I found a dent and cracked taillight lens. Kind of hacks me off when you park when out in the back 40 that some idiot will still park right near you with some old meatwagon. Things like kids, bicycles, pinecones, and lawnmowers throwing rocks all contibute.

In order to make your truck look perfect, they will probably have to repaint the whole panel. Luckily, with black, you will never know it. Lexus painters are very good at color match.

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