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Bluetooth In 99 Gs300

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does anyone know how or where to get the bluetooth option for the GS so that a bluetooth cellular phone can be used wirelessly in the car,

also, has anyone seen a mount that comes out the side of the radio so that no drilling is required to mount a phone cradle in the car..

it kinda looks like one of those GPS mounts that comes out the side of the radio


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The best solution I have found for a car mount is the cup holder to cell phone cradle adapter. I have one for my PDA (to use GPS via the Pocket PC) and it mounts perfectly from the cupholder. It can be a little cumbersome, but a better solution than drilling holes in the dashboard. :cheers:

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:o Thats funny!!! I just bought one for mine!! :lol:

no way, where did u get it from, i just emailed the guy that is selling it online through ebay, and he replyed by saying that there is no mount for the GS that i would have to use a universal mount, where did u get yours from ...

let me know thanks


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I'd doubt it would be feasible from a cost or technical standpoint to retrofit a Lexus Bluetooth interface. There are other Bluetooth kits from Nokia, the CK Parrot, which might work for you although they are not at sophisticated as the Lexus Bluetooth which a lot of people seem to be complaining about anyway.

Regarding the bracket, a very similar bracket was used by a Cingular installer in both our 90 LS and 98 Camry to position our Nokia handsets to the right of the radio. I think we were charged about $15 each for it. Two approximately 3/8 inch self tapping screws were used and they were so short that there was no worry about coming though the visible side of the console. Bolting the radio/ventilation unit back into place also contributed to holding the bracket firmly in place. One thing I have noticed about the "no-drilling" brackets is that they are made to mount where the designer thought the handset should be positioned. I've seen some that, when mounted as designed, blocked the air flow from a vent. I didn't particular care for where the installer mounted the bracket in my LS and it took only a few minutes to pop out the radio and reposition the bracket exactly where I wanted it.

Sometimes I think we need a separate forum category for phones!

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then we'll be a multi discusion forum, everything from cars, to phones, sounds good hehehehe :cheers:

as far as the mounts go anyone have pictures or companies where they would sell them, the guy in europe is for XM radio, i just want a little stub for a phone mount..

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The "VSM Legend Series" bracket at looks interesting.

Panavise brackets can be seen at

You might try calling a phone installer in your area. I had a choice of several bracket styles from installers in the Kansas City area.

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welcome to LOC, BEEZER

as far as the special wire diagram, i have not found any diagrams, but i did find a bluetooth plug in cigarete lighter, for about $120.00, on ebay but thats about it, like 1990LS400 said, they tend to be a pain to install and use, according to him so ihave not experienced it my self but if thats the case then i would rather not get it.

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