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Forget Past And Future. How About Today?

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I'm new here. This is my first post.

I purchased an ES350. I realy enjoy it. I can't explain it. I never felt this way about a car. It just feels different when I drive it. My dog returns my love for him and my car was doing the came thing until I found out about the mechanical problems. Now I feel SCREWED. I purchased a beautiful car. Now I have problems like tranny FLARE. How will this affect the trade-in value of ALL LEXUS cars? What happens when I have to pass the state safety inspections with an out of control fuel delivery system? 16 deaths already and more to come probably. The cost of damages must be unbelievable and still going on. Dealers are still selling these cars without revealing anything about the problems. That is FRAUD due to Misrepresentation.

Can my insurance company void my insurance or refuse to renew it because it is not safe on the road? Some insurance executives must own a Lexus or Toyota and they know about the problems. 3.8 million cars have to be fixed. How long will it take to do this? No dealer is equipped to handle all the cars he sold and take care of normal servicing too. That means my car may not be fixed until next July or later.

I heard about other problems when there is an unintended acceleration incident. I got this from a professional drag racer. He told me that when a car accellerates like that there will be a huge amount of heat generated. It will be so hot that the engine can sieze. Also, the cooling system is not designed to remove all that heat from the engine, consequently, soft metals like aluminum will wear much faster than when turning at normal speeds. Compression is reduced to the point where you have to go to lowest gear to get over a little hill. Oil consumption skyrockets and so does fuel. Either replace the whole engine or scrap the car. Has Lexus admitted anything else besides the floor mat problem?

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