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Rx330 Whinning Noise From The Rear End


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I want to ask people if they also have the same situation. You will need to turn off the stereo and the road is dry. When you go downhill and release the gas paddle, there is whinning noise from the rear end. When you accelerate by pushing the gas paddle, the noise is gone.

I know another member also has the same thing. His case is during deceleration between 55 and 40 mph. He told me his service rep has ordered some kind of insulation for the trans. But it has not been installed yet.

Anyone? Thank you for sharing.

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I want to ask again if everyone has the same noise in their RX330. Here is how to make it happen on my car. Use 4 and speed up to 40 mph. Once it reaches to 40 mph, release the throttle. Or you can use D and speed might be up to 50 mph. It might be hard to hear the noise when you are in 50 mph. When you start to accelerate, the noise is gone. Letting off the throttle, the noise comes back. Of course, you need to make sure to keep it quite inside of your car. (like turning off stereo)

Anyone, please share your experience.

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May have experienced this myself going over a bridge this weekend...I too was running, but erroneously, in the manual 4th mode (unbeknownst to me).

Can anyone concisely explain this mode to me...towing related I assume?


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I had a chance to test drive three RX330 from the dealer. Two of them are loaner cars with 5,500 miles and 450 miles on them. The other one is a new car with 50 miles on it. They all have the same noise. The new one is a little quite. The diagnostic specialist was with me in the cars. He noticed the noise and said it may be from rear powertrain. He also indicated it might be from AWD because most of cars in NW are AWD. But one of owners in southern California has FWD also has this noise. He told me that it should be okay and nothing to worry. On the other hand, the car has 6 years powertrain warranty. However, I don’t expect to have my Lexus dealer to fix it. I don’t think they really know where it is from and how it can be fixed.

I asked the specialist if he would report this issue to Lexus corp. He told me he won’t because there are not enough customers reporting this. Does anyone know how I can report this to Lexus corp.? This is a pretty expensive and luxury machine.


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