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New Brake Pads


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At lexus, it costs ALOT to replace brake pads, i've done brake pads 2x at lexus of serromonte and i do not like the result much. at a local shop, they might charge me more than normal just cause it's a lexus, or their reason would be "higher quality pads needed to be used."

The last time i did my brakes, they only changed front brakes but i still feel like i have to step very hard on the brakes inorder to feel the negative acceleration. i'm wondering if the back brakes are important for this too. i know i need new back brakes cause when i pull into my drive way, i can hear it go: screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech. hehe.

just wonder what's the best way to do this, one thing i fear the local shop will do is drop my rims on the floor and hence, a new scratch might come up.

-is it too much if i ask them to rotate my tires too? lol


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