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Bumper To Bumper Warranty That Doesn't Cover The Bumper

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On my 2006 ES330 the right fog light mounting bracket broke. The bracket which is totally encased within the bumper is molded to the bumper so a new bumper is the fix.

The dealer Ray Catina Lexus and Lexus Customer Service says it's not covered because it "could have" been caused by hitting something. The problem with their hypothesis is there is absolutely no damage to the bumper... not even a scratch to substantiate their very subjective opinion.

Nor has the dealer or Lexus CS made any sort of suggestion or recommendation alternative fix/repair that would be agreeable to both parties... they just don't care.

So at the end of the day, the bumper to bumper warranty doesn't cover the bumper. Lexus customer service does not want to inspect the car and made the decision solely from the dealers service department.

I've had BMW's before this car and they where troublesome. The difference is BMW ALWAYS fixed the problems. I've have two problems with the car, 1. The awful hesitation is stop and go traffic and 2. the fog light bracket... and Lexus won't/can't fix either.

This will be my last Lexus.

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This is an old thread but I just found it and wanted to comment.

In regards to the bracket, I can't see how someone would expect it to be covered. More than likely it was caused by something hitting the bumper, the bumpers can take a good bit of abuse before they actually show any damage, its possible someone backed into you or something in a parking lot, flexed the bumper and broke the bracket without damaging the bumper.

Think about else would it break? Gotta side with the dealer on this one...thats what insurance is for.

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