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White Smoke


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I was at the cash machine and it was almost 60 degrees outside and I noticed a larger than normal exaust output of white smoke from the tail. I would think in warm weather there should be a negligable amount. Nothing huge but noticable...any ideas as to what I should look for

97 ls400

124000 miles

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White is normaly water vapor.

Was the engine and exhaust system completely warmed up?

Has your coolant level been decreasing abnormally?

Look for bubbles (exhaust) in the coolant resevoir with the engine running.

This is a leaky gasket.

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I think this topic has been covered before, but the bottom line is that the exhaust systems on these cars are large enough that they continue to condense exhaust gas water even when fully warm. In Canada, my car steams almost all the time in city driving. If you were burning coolant you would know it - the exhaust would stink a bunch. Don't worry about it, it is normal.

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I agree- my car seems to "steam" a bit more out of the exhausts more than my other cars- even when it is a little warmer ourside. Even when the car is fully warm and it is in the 40s outside- it will continue to steam at idle at least. The more humidity outside- the more it will steam as well. It is perfectly normal on these cars.

Now if it was sunny, dry and 70+ degrees and it did this- I would be worried.

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