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Emergency Warranty Service Problem

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SC430 still under certified warranty had over heating problem(either thermostat or water pump) 110 miles from nearest lexus dealership. I had it towed home(10 miles); My 2002 owners manual supplement(page 67) says if car disabled and nort REASONABLY close to a lexus dealer you can be reimbursed for repair costs by submitting repair receipt and defective parts to a lexus dealerership. I called lexus customer service corperate head quarters to confirm this. They said they would tow the car at their expense 110 miles for service. But this woulds require me having to either go with towtruck and stay in hotel til car fixed or go later after car repaired 110 miles to pickup the car at my own expense . Lexus head quarters said they not aware of any local emergency repair reimbursement though I gave them the reference. The dealership where I bought the car was unaware of any reimbursement policy.Has anyone else ever had this problem or can suggest a solution. Thanks, Robert in California.

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