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What To Look For In A Salvage Yard?


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Well Went to the salvage yard this weekend to find a part and I was very successful. Spent 5.00 and saved me 120.00. I felt like a kid again when me and my dad would go on saturdays hunting for parts. I miss that.

Question: What do you guys look for when you go to the salvage yards?

Is their a part that might be of value that the yard owners do not pull?

What cars have interchangable parts with a Lexus. Mine is LS 400 94 but I was jusy wanting knowledge on what to look for. I always love to get a deal but you need to know what to look for. Does anyone go to the salvage yards?

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I used to go for my 85 Accord. Interior door handles, Headlight units, taillight covers, etc..

I've been thinking of modifying the air intake for my 99ls.. I would probably look for that part specifically. It is fun - I'd probably buy a bunch of stuff if it was in great shape cause it would be CHEAP!! :lol:


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You are lucky !!! The good ole days of junk yarding doesn't exist around here; certainly in yards that would have a Lexus. Most yards avoid high priced cars anyway; also lots of yards here have stopped going past '93 on anything[probably a 10 year thing]. Seems that the big money isn't there.

The biggest thing is that most yards WILL NOT let you look around; they now send someone to get a specific part and bring it to you; sometimes you can go with that person. Has to do with insurance and theft.

Sure used to be fun--I built 100's of hot rods in my mind.

Seems as if electronic,audio,elec,senders,switches,elec motors,etc are more in demand by individuals than body shop stuff. You might keep in your mind what you might see and post a tel #(800 if avail) for the yards that have several LS's.

Tks for the post.

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Fitz auto parts up our way, owned by greenleaf now.

Bought replacement digital dash, climate control and Trac pumpmotor assy for my 92 LS for under $500.

Replacement alloy wheels for my AWD Aerostar, 4 for $200.

They will, sometimes, let you wonder around once they get to know you.

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