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Tire Question:


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Has anybody installed Toyo Proxes TPT tires (V rated) on their 97 - 01' ES? I'm staying with the factory size 205 60 16's & am not a fan of the original Michelin MXV4's that came with the car (poor winter & heavy rain performance compared to the Toyo's). One other funny thing is, on the Tirerack website they have just about every tire maker BUT Toyo which seems very strange to me :unsure: And the choices are not great either.....except a new Yokohama H4s & V4s but you can't get the "V" rated tire in that size. How do the Toyo's rate in your opinion(s)? I will be using them up in the great white north year round (I don't have room for winter rubber so I have to go with a "top shelf" all season & of course drive with "common sense"). My ES has the factory AVS suspension as well. Any feedback is appreciated, Thanks.


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I posted an answer for you on CL but they crashed before the reply posted.

a friend of mine and member here and on CL (lexusk8) is currently riding on them. I believe he likes them very much.

pm him to get specifics if he doesn't repsond to your post.

I am in the same dilemna, except I am looking for 215/60-16 in a V rating, hell I will even go to an H rating. I have found very little selection in the way of reputable tires that meet my needs for an AS tire. My tire said the say thing about the Michies, so they are out (especially for the money they cost). I am looking at Dunlop Sport A2's but most reviews that I have read say the tread suffers from early depletion. I cannot comment on driver style except for the fact that most selected fast and aggresive as their driving style. My tire guy did say that he had heard alot of BMW owners were burning right through these.

I currently have my name on a set of ContiExtremeContacts but they haven't arrived yet. They were supposed to be in yesturday. Too bad, cause Boston is supposed to get whacked with a snow storm Monday night into Tuesday.

oh well. I will let you know, as I make a decision in the next two weeks. I am getting very nervous when it rains or lightly snows.


ps. I am moving this thread to the tire section cause it is more of a tire question than an ES question.

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I did post a similar question on CL & I think lexusk8 did reply but like you mentioned, something crashed & I lost his reply.....I will try & contact him again. I considered the Conti Extreme's as well.......I think due to the fact it's an UHPAS (ultra high performance all season) tire, it would be "overkill" (but rated really good in the snow mind you) and kind of defeat the purpose of the ES don't you think?

No problem with moving my post, I originally thought it might get more responses on the specific ES forums.....but maybe not.

Anybody else on the Toyo Proxes TPT's? Thanks.


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