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Wire-pack Over Rear Valve Cover


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My '95 ES has the usual weaping of oil at the rear of the engine at the valve cover. I've had the plenum off to change out spark plugs, and I've been through the timing belt and idlers. The car is all set for lots of trouble free Lexus miles. I own the service manuals both l & ll, and have looked through the part about getting to the rear valve cover but it's very vague. Toyota really needs to take a lesson from Honda on serviceability. This is rediculous! The valve cover already sits practically facing the firewall and there's a pack of critical engine harness wires that do not like to move stretching over the entire length of the valve cover! I know about removal of all the peices and supports that allow you to push it back and clear over the cover, but, where exactly do I need to relieve the tension on these wires to get them to budge? After years of heating and cooling, those wires do not want to move! Please help. It's not pressing but come spring I want to do it along with valve clearance adjustment.

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Three things you will need to do

1) Unlug the power steering plug

2) Unlug the A/F sensor

3) There is a 10mm nut holding the wiring harness together, it's right under the throttle body. Need to use an extension to get to this.

Once you get everything out, you will need to pull the wiring harness out of the way.


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