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Leaking Coolant Reservoir


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has anyone tried replacing the coolant overflow reservoir with one of the aluminum cusco type tanks (sold on E-Bay and elsewhere)? it looks like that kind of tank wouldn't have the ability to handle a radiator cap, leaving the cooling system without a pressure relief.

I thought someone had mentioned in one of the posts that he had a radiator shop fashion a new tank out of copper or bronze--can't find that post now though. any experience with that?

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Same coolant reserve tank problem here with an SC400. Dealer wants about $400 for parts saying that Lexus redesigned the tank (presumably to correct this common leak problem) and requires that you buy not only the tank but also a new cap and level sensor.

I am interested in any less expensive tanks available on the market. Anybody know anything?


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I just ordered a new tank (incl sensor) from JP Importz (ad at top of this page) for 165.00 plus 10.00 shipping. I suppose that it shouldn't be too hard to install---I imagine that I want to keep the hoses to the radiator and water pump facing skyward to prevent air getting in cooling system while I install it---is that correct? Any other tips? Thanks

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